Frozen prepared food Is it really dangerous

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Preserving food prolongs its lifespan. and still get complete nutrients similar to fresh food It is a feature of frozen food that responds well to the lifestyles of today’s consumers. In addition to the convenience and speed that we already know. It is also a food product that has become more popular recently.

Frozen ready-made food is process food that comes from food preservation. By chilling at -20 degrees, it reduces enzyme reactions. Reduce the activity of microorganisms As a result, it retains its nutritional value. and reduce spoilage.

Dangers that come from frozen ready-to-eat food

  • In meat and seafood, there are phosphates. To prevent rancid smell This substance will be coat in food before freezing. Which if there is a lot of this substance will be dangerous cause allergic reactions Can be irritating to the skin. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท
  • Preservatives: Frozen processed foods often contain preservatives. which if consumed in normal quantities The body will excrete it through urine. But if you receive a large amount of preservatives Symptoms of food poisoning, diarrhea, or if exposed to preservatives for a long time will cause toxins to accumulate. Can result in cancer.
  • Food explodes in the microwave Frozen process foods must go through a reheating process before they can be eaten. Most often use a microwave to warm containers such as plastic or cardboard if the container cannot withstand the heat. When heated in the microwave it can cause burns. Or if there is no steam venting while heating in the microwave. There may also be an explosion.
  • Incomplete nutrients Frozen processed food reduces the value of nutrients in meat. This can be seen from the color of pork and beef from red to brown. 

Freezing can maintain the nutritional content. in food more than other methods of food preservation Because it is a food preservation process that does not use heat. Therefore causing the nutrients to decompose. or little loss The amount of main nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, including dietary fiber and minerals will not be lost at all.

But the amount of vitamins Including various antioxidants Some may be lost from the food preparation process before freezing. And some parts decay over the storage period But it still remains more than food that has undergone heat preservation.

Another important thing is Storing frozen food after purchasing from a retailer Buyers should provide refrigerated containers to maintain the frozen food products at a low temperature at all times. When you get home, food products must be store in the freezer immediately. However, maintaining a stable temperature during storage is important for the quality and safety of frozen food. If the temperature rises until the ice melts then refreeze it. Also known as “Re-freezing” quickly deteriorates the quality of food. And it also increases the risk of food.