Ideas for wearing bootcut jeans

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If you think of retro-vintage fashion, one of them definitely has to be cropp pants. No matter what kind of fabric Just having a bootcut style makes you instantly look chic and cool, and we believe that there are many girls who would like to try wearing bootcut jeans. But because I don’t normally dress in a retro or vintage style. Makes me not know what kind of shirt to match with. Or you may think that cropp pants need to be dresse to look cool, cool, retro, and vintage only. But as we know that Fashion has nothing fixed. Therefore, to wear bootcut pants It is not necessary to dress in a retro or vintage style to complete the look. Today we have collected styles for dressing in cropped pants. In a way that it can be pair with various types of shirts for girls to see as ideas. 

The first tip is choosing bootcut jeans. It is recommend to choose a high waist style. Because wearing it will help you look more shapely and more like a chef. Plus, high waists are becoming more popular right now. As for the shirt that you choose to wear with the cropped pants, it’s not difficult to choose. If you want a hot, cool look, try choosing a single-breasted shirt. Shoulder-baring shirts, tank tops, strapless, and you can wear a suit over it. Report by ufabet

For those of you who are chill and like a casual Korean look, a Korean style is fine. Try choosing a crop top with a cropped waist. or a large t-shirt Wear it with bootcut jeans and chunky sneakers. This look is very cute and anyone who wears it will love it. Or if you want to give your girl a slightly more expensive look, try wearing it with a shirt or blouse that is feminine. Simple but chic feminine look Change your shoes to high heels. Or boots and a small shoulder bag Just this, you can wear it with cropped pants so it’s beautiful and not out of trend.