Including how to look and make your hair beautiful

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Hello all lovely girls. The girls who come to read in this article are probably looking for a way to help them get healthy hair, right? So they are in the right place because the 6 things that SPICE provides are all true. So, what will it take to recover the girls’ hair? Let’s go read together.

1. Use conditioner every time you wash, healthy hair

Who said that just shampoo alone will make my hair soft and smooth. Not really at all. Because the shampoo acts to clear the fat. Or oil on our scalp Including hair Make our hair a little harsh. It is best to use it along with conditioner. But let me tell you, massage just me. Because otherwise the oiliness combined with the conditioner will even deliver more hair to you. It also looks too overwhelming as well. Value 

2. Do not comb your hair when wet, healthy hair

When finished washing your hair Many girls would be addicted to combing their hair before blowing out. Even though my hair is still wet But did you know that our wet hair is our hair holding water? Make it look puffy Becoming fragile and fragile Make us girls use a small tooth comb or comb their hair frequently. It may be easy to become entangled. And the more force to comb, how much we will make the hair break, it is even easier. The best way is, just use your fingers with a squint of hair. Or may use a wide tooth comb, it is still enough.

3. The hair dryer should not be too hot

Believe that the girls Many people like to turn on the heat of a hair dryer as hot as possible. Because I want my hair to dry quickly, but ladies, do you know that it is extremely damaging to your hair and scalp? The wet the hair, the hotter it will turn on, oh my, it will take half an hour to finish blowing. How much heat do our hair have to be? Best way, girls should wipe their hair first and then use a dryer. If you can use a normal air type, it will be the best. But if someone is really thick, it is enough to open an intermediate level. Otherwise, be careful to blow and blow, I don’t have any left to blow.

4.Use hair oil 

Foo-headed girl must come to this point. Have you ever finished blowing your hair, that kind of head full that you thought you had been hit by an electric shock? What is it so full of fluff? And also dry because blowing hot air separately There is an item that will help women that is hair nourishing oil or oil, recommended to apply when your hair is almost dry. Guarantee that the girls will definitely feel the change. But don’t anoint too much Too much may cause hair to split ends up. Anything that is too much is not good.

5. Do hair treatments or detox once a week

Many people tend to combine conditioner with the treatment. But I will say that it is different for you. The treatment is much more intense. Can be called the full diet As a result, I can get more vitamins. Many people would ask, can I use treatments instead of conditioner? The answer is yes. But should not be used all over your head Just apply the area from the ear down to the tip of the hair and it is enough. Otherwise, the consistency of the cream might make us oily. It’s not beautiful at all, like that.

6. Give me some rest from the color machine

Everyone will know well that if girls do color their hair often, their hair will become dry, brittle, and also fall and scalp problems. Including gray hair as well, girls who bite their hair or do fashion coloring often, there is hardly a chance to have hair like other people. Good way to rest me some Otherwise the risk of cancer will ask each other. Oh, before girls try a brand new hair color , be sure to try an allergy first. Otherwise, if I lose, I’m all headed this time.

How are you doing? All the girls who used to do the behavior that hurt me unconsciously stop. Because our hair is what women really care about. Don’t let go of your hair health. Here’s a warning, ladies. Did I lose it?